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Service Promise

Service Promise

Before-sales Service
1. Within half a month before the delivery, the sales department of Wopu Technology will notify the user for the preparation conditions of equipment installation by phone, and then delivery on time after receiving the users delivery requirements.
2. The quality of the equipment supplied by Wopu Technology is good and has passed the quality inspection, and the unqualified products are not allowed to be delivered from the factory.
3. Wopu Technology solves technical problems of products for customers and provides complete equipment installation solutions in a timely manner according to customer needs.
In-sales Service:
1. On-site installation and debugging of product: the company will send high-quality technical personnel with practical experience to the site to carry out on-site testing and debugging together with customers in strict accordance with the service manual, and at the same time make the testing and debugging records.
2. In the actual installation, we will provide customers with a complete set of system installation solutions according to the actual installation conditions of customers, so as to improve the utilization efficiency on the site.
3. Wopu Technology provides users with a perfect operation manual and a maintenance warranty manual as well as a free technical training in a timely manner until customers can the independently operate the company's products.
After-sales Service
1. Th company delivers the products on time, provides the installation and debugging related to the contract equipment in time, and fully cooperates for the acceptance.
2. In case of machine system failure, we will arrive at the site to provide services for the users in Shandong Province within 24 hours; and within 48 hours for the users outside Shandong Province arrived at the scene of service for users.
3. The company provides quality tracking services for the delivered products on a regular basis to understand the equipment running status at any time and provide life-long maintenance services for customers.