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Mobile Dryer Taishan Agricultural Fair shines

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On August 26, 2017, the 2017 Taishan Agricultural Machinery Expo co-sponsored by the Tai'an City People's Government and the Shandong Provincial Agricultural Machinery Administration Bureau was held at the Taishan International Convention and Exhibition Center. We will focus on the display of new technologies and new products in all aspects of the agricultural machinery supply chain, and strive to create an interactive platform for the purchase and sale of agricultural machinery. Although the level of comprehensive mechanization of crop cultivation in Tai'an City reached 86.6%, the food drying process remained the weakest link. The 5HYWP-8310 mobile dryer exhibited by Woppe Technology is convenient for walking and operating in the field. It does not require civil works because of its fast drying speed. It has a wide range of drying crops, a high degree of automation, and many attractive features that are attractive to many merchants. In particular, procurement groups from Thailand, Burma and other South Asian countries have expressed their intention to visit the company for in-depth study, deepen cooperation, and introduce the most advanced level of drying equipment in Asia to their own countries.