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2017 Wuhan International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Worp Technology has taken a new journey

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  At the 2017 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Worp Technology launched a heavy attack to showcase the mobile dryers that represent the industry's most advanced level, environmentally friendly biomass oil hot blast stoves, and nut drying machinery.

   With the continuous optimization of industrial structure, innovation and development have become a new driving force for the development of agricultural machinery. Wopu Technology adheres to the path of international cooperation and fully absorbs advanced design concepts and processing techniques. The procurement of core parts and components from seven countries in the world ensures product quality. Focusing on China's national conditions in terms of production details, it closely focused on topics such as environmental protection, energy saving, efficiency, quality, and higher-level topics, optimized and improved, and was able to attract attention from many brands of drying equipment at the national conference, showing a higher level than similar products. A grade of strength. It attracted the attention of domestic provinces, especially the three eastern provinces, Xinjiang agents, and the attention of merchants from Italy, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and South Korea.

  Asked that the canal is so clear, it is a source of activity. In recent years, Woop Technology has closely focused on strengthening scientific and technological strength, strengthening scientific research cooperation with international industrial design institutions, and constantly improving technological innovation. It does not imitators, only boutiques, takes the high-end approach of market demand, and builds 40,000 square meters. The automated assembly line achieves the dual protection of soft power and hard power. Do not forget the initial heart, adhere to research and development, products, channels, sales of ever-changing business rules. The fine, precise and exquisite artisan spirit made the best interpretation at the national conference through the series of products displayed.

   At the National Agricultural Machinery Show 2017, another new start was made, and Worp Technology has embarked on a journey of the future.